About Us

North Alabama's Only Professional On-Camera Acting School

Hollywood Huntsville is a film acting school, film school, casting office, and production company based out of Huntsville, AL.

What makes us different?  Because of our unique model, we have Better Teachers, Better Training, and Better Actors. 


Our Teachers are all working industry professionals. We work in Film & TV every single week so we have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the Film, TV, & Commercial Industry here in the Southeast and pass that info on to our students. As the industry changes, so do we. 


Our Training is a unique mix of Hollywood-level acting training and Career training specific to the Southeast. It is designed to make great actors who are prepared to launch and sustain life as a Working Actor.


Our Actors get Training, Headshots, sign with Talent Agents, Audition regularly, & Book Speaking Roles in Movies, TV Shows, & Commercials.


Our professionally trained crew members are ready for work on any Film, TV, & Commercial productions.

Our people have booked roles in the following projects.

All are speaking roles.  None are extras.

Our Team


Bill Billions

Sampley Barinaga

Ayoka Billions

Bill Billions (Lead Teacher/President) is an Actor, Director, and Producer known for The Silent Natural (2019), Mail Order Monster (2018), & American Made (2017). View his IMDb profile HERE.


Ayoka Billions

Sampley Barinaga

Ayoka Billions

Ayoka Billions, CSA (Teacher) is a professional full-time Casting Director who works on Movies, TV Shows, & Commercials, Music Videos, and Industrials. See her IMDb profile HERE.


Sampley Barinaga

Sampley Barinaga

Sampley Barinaga

Sampley Barinaga (Teacher) is an accomplished Working Actor. View his IMDb profile HERE.