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Hollywood Huntsville is a world-class film acting school, film school, casting office, and production company located in Huntsville, Alabama.

We train to industry standards.  We follow professional protocol. 

What we do


Acting School

Acting School

Acting School

Bill Billions Studios at Hollywood Huntsville is a Los Angeles film acting school located in Huntsville, Alabama.  We teach both Technique and Career.  How to Act.  How to Work. 


Film Lab

Acting School

Acting School

In Film Lab we Learn By Doing.  Get your hands on professional equipment and learn the skills of crew positions while following good set etiquette and protocol.  Train to work for real.


Casting Office

Production Company

Production Company

Ayoka Billions Casting can find the right actor for any role for any project anywhere.  Ayoka Billions is a member of the Casting Society of America (CSA).  Go to AyokaBillionsCasting.com.


Production Company

Production Company

Production Company

Hollywood Huntsville and The Huntsville Film Office® can assist your project through Consulting, Producing, Writing, Directing, Location Scouting, finding Crew, or providing Studio Offices.  

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Hollywood Huntsville

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